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50+ Adorable baby girl names that start with the letter A.

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Baby Names: 50

Alana - Fair; Beautiful
Alaynna - precious
Alexandra - Protector of mankind; man's defender
Alicia - Noble, Truth
Alina - Bright one; Most beautiful woman
Aline - Adorned
Alisia - noble, exalted
Alvina - Friend of the elves; elf or magical being, friend
Alyssa - Noble; Truth; rational
America - America \a-meri-ca, am(e)-rica\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name America), .

The baby name America sounds like Amargot, Amargoe and Amargo. Other similar baby names are Africa, Aifrica, Affrica, Alarica, Amica, Amera, Arica and Airica.

Amia - Beloved
Amya - Unknown
Anais - Grace
Analia - Analia \a-na-lia\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Analia sounds like Analee, Anela, Anelie and Annalie. Other similar baby names are Adalia, Amalia, Analisa, Atalia and Azalia.
Andie - Andie \a-ndie, an-die\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Andie), is pronounced an-DEE. It is of Greek origin. Nickname of Andrea. Actress/model Andie MacDowell.

Andie has 3 variant forms: Andee, Andena and Andi.

Baby names that sound like Andie are Ande, Anda, Andy, Anthe, Wendie, India, Indee and Wandie.

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