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McKinley - son of the white warrior; learned ruler
Melville - Chief; Leader
Merle - Famous; Of the sea
Merlin - Sea hill; sea fortress
Micaiah - Who is like God.
Michal - who resembles God
Mike - Mike \m(i)-ke\ as a boy's name is pronounced myk. It is of English origin. Short form of Michael and Micah, often used as an independent name. The nicknames Mick and Mickey are considered to be particularly Irish. See also Mischa.

Mike has 2 variant forms: Mickey and Mick.

For more information, see also the related name Misha.

Baby names that sound like Mike are Mikey, Miky, Miko and Miki.

Mikel - Like God
Milah - Merciful
Milan - eager, laborious or rival; a coming together
Moises - Saved from the water
Mona - Gathers jimson weed seed (Miwok)
Monte - Mountain
Montgomery - Mountain hunter; Gomeric's hill
Monty - Mountain
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