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J - 120+ Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Just in time for Autumn, 120+ awesome baby girl names starting with the letter J.

Here is our list of the 120+ most popular and adorable J names for baby girls.



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Jacee - Jacee \j(a)-cee\ as a girl's name is a variant of Jacey (American). See for meaning of Jacee.

The baby name Jacee sounds like Jaycee, Jaicee and Jacie. Other similar baby names are Dacee, Kacee, Jackee, Jadee, Jamee, Janee, Lacee and Macee.
Jacelyn - Beautiful
Jacey - happy
Jaci - Beautiful
Jacqueline - Supplanter
Jacy - Beautiful
Jadah - Jadah \j(a)-dah\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Jadah sounds like Jada, Aidah, Adah, Jade, Jayda, Jaida, Jaeda, Jady, Jadee and Joda. Other similar baby names are Janah and Sadah.
Jade - Jewel
Jadelyn - Combination of Jade and Lynn.
Jaden - precious stone
Jadeyn - precious stone
Jaeda - Goodness
Jael - To ascend; mountain goat
Jaelyn - Jaelyn \ja(el)-yn\ as a girl's name is a variant of Jae (American). See for meaning of Jaelyn.

The baby name Jaelyn sounds like Jalyn, Jaylynn, Jaeleen, Jaelana, Jaylan, Jalin, Jewelyn, Jolyn, Joelynn, Joellyn and Joelin. Other similar baby names are Caelyn, Daelyn, Jacelyn, Jaclyn, Jaklyn, Jaslyn, Jazlyn, Kaelyn and Raelyn.
Jahzara - blessed princess
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