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100+ Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Take a look at these adorably delightful baby girl names starting with the letter D.



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Danae - God is my judge
Dani - God will judge
Daniela - God is my judge; God is my Judge
Danika - morning star; from Denmark
Danna - God will judge
Dara - Small great one; Riches
Darby - deer park
Darcy - Dark; dark
Daria - Queen; maintains possessions well
Daria - Rich
Darian - nugget of wisdom; maintains possessions well
Darion - maintains possessions well
Daron - Daron \d(a)-ron\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Daron). Feminine form of Darren. Modern name that is similar to Sharon.

Baby names that sound like Daron are Darion, Daryn and Deron. Other similar baby names are Caron and Karon.
Darrell - Darrell \d(a)-rre-ll\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Darrell), is a variant of Daryl (English). See for meaning of Darrell.

The baby name Darrell sounds like Darrelle, Darryll, Darrill and Darrel. Other similar baby names are Darcell and Darnell.
Darrian - maintains possessions well
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