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Here is our list of 120+ adorable baby boy names that start with the letter R.



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Rankin - Little shield; little shield; Son of Francis
Raoul - Wolf
Rashaun - Rashaun \r(a)-shaun\ as a boy's name is pronounced ray-SHAWN. It is of American origin. Blend of Ray and Shawn, or a variant of Roshan (Persian, Farsi) "daylight".

Rashaun has 5 variant forms: Rashae, Rashane, Rashawn, Rayshaun and Rayshawn.

A baby name that sounds like Rashaun is Rishon.

Rashawn - Rashawn \r(a)-sha-wn\ as a boy's name is a variant of Rashaun (American). See for meaning of Rashawn.

The baby name Rashawn sounds like Rayshawn, Rayshaun, Rashane and Roshan. Other similar baby names are Dashawn and Lashawn.
Raul - Wolf
Raven - Raven
Rawley - Dweller by the deer meadow; roe deer's meadow
Rawlins - Son of Rolfe
Rawson - Son of Rolfe
Rayburn - From the deer's stream; roe-deer brook
Rayder - Counselor
Rayfield - From the deer's stream
Rayford - Counselor
Rayne - Wise leader
Rayshaun - Rayshaun \ra(y)-shaun\ as a boy's name is a variant of Rashaun (American). See for meaning of Rayshaun.

The baby name Rayshaun sounds like Rayshawn and Rashawn. Other similar baby names are Dashaun, Dashawn, Darshan, Keyshawn, Lashawn, Marshawn, Rayman, Rashad, Rashaad, Rashane, Rashae and Roshan.
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