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Rayven - Rayven \ra(y)-ven\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Rayven), is a variant of Raven (English). See for meaning of Rayven.

The baby name Rayven sounds like Rayvin and Reuven. Other similar baby names are Jayven, Kayven and Raylen.
Rayvin - Rayvin \ra(y)-vin\ as a boy's name is a variant of Raven (English). See for meaning of Rayvin.

The baby name Rayvin sounds like Rayven, Ravinn and Rouvin. Other similar baby names are Darvin, Davin, Earvin, Garvin, Gavin, Tavin, Havin, Jayvon, Jayven, Kayven, Kayvan, Marvin, Rain, Raymon, Rayman, Ravi, Raylen, Raydon, Savin and Xayvion.
Read - Red haired; red
Redd - From the red ford; near the reeds; red-haired
Redding - From the red ford; son of the red-haired
Redford - From the red ford; red ford
Reece - Enthusiastic
Reed - Red haired; red
Reese - Enthusiastic
Reeve - Bailiff; Steward; bailiff
Reeves - Bailiff; Steward; bailiff
Reid - Red haired; near the reeds; red-haired
Remi - From the raven's farm
Remington - From the raven's farm; raven-family town
Remo - From the raven's farm
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