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Easton - From East town; east settlement
Eden - Delightful; Adornment; Paradise; Perfect; Pleasure; place of pleasure
Edgar - Prosperous warrior
Edison - Son of Edward; son of Edward
Eduardo - Guardian of prosperity; Guardian of the mists; wealthy guard
Edward - Guardian
Edwin - Valued
Elian - Elian \e-lian\ as a boy's name is of Spanish and Latin origin. From the clan name Aelia.

For more information, see also the related name Elvis.

Baby names that sound like Elian are Elan, Alan, Allan, Alin, Elwyn, Elwin, Ilan, Elon, Eilan, Eljin, Elwinn, Julian and Olin. Other similar baby names are Eliam, Elias, Elia, Eliran, Elman, Evian and Eian.

Elias - Jehovah is God
Elijah - Jehovah is God; the Lord is my God
Elliot - Believes in God
Elliott - Jehovah is God
Ellis - Jehovah is God
Emanuel - With God
Emerson - Brave; Powerful; Mighty; Emery's son
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