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Kade - From the wetlands; from the wetlands
Kaden - Friend; Companion; companion
Kai - Rejoicer; keeper of the keys; earth
Kaiden - Warrior
Kaison - Son of fighter or rebel.
Kalani - Unisexual name meaning The sky; heaven; chieftain.; the heavens, sky; royal one
Kaleb - Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name referring to the biblical Cain.
Kamden - From the winding valley
Kameron - Bent nose
Kane - Fighter; little battler
Kannon - Free
Karson - son of the marsh-dwellers; free man
Karter - Karter \k(a)-rter, kar-ter\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Karter sounds like Carter and Cartier. Other similar baby names are Carver, Kastor, Caster, Kester, Kortez, Kortes, Garner, Kadeer and Porter.
Kasen - Protected with a helmet
Kayden - Friend or Companion; It is a variation of Kaden and Kadin;
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