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Ryann - king
Rylee - English Meadow. Variant of Riley.
Ryley - courageous
Saoirse - freedom
Shawn - Present
Shawna - Shawna \sha(w)-na\ as a girl's name is pronounced shawn-NA. It is of English origin. Feminine variant of Sean (Irish, Gaelic) "God's grace". The name is very much favored as a prefix in blends with various name endings. 1995 Miss America Shawntel Smith; actress Sean Young.

Shawna has 36 variant forms: Lashawna, Sean, Seana, Seanna, Shana, Shanna, Shaun, Shauna, Shaunah, Shaunda, Shaundee, Shaunee, Shaunelle, Shaunice, Shaunie, Shaunna, Shauntay, Shaunte, Shawnae, Shawnah, Shawnda, Shawndelle, Shawnee, Shawneen, Shawnette, Shawni, Shawnice, Shawniece, Shawnna, Shawntae, Shawntay, Shawnte, Shawntel, Shonna, Siana and Sianna.

For more information, see also related names Shawnacy, Sian and Sha-.

Baby names that sound like Shawna are Shaina, Shayna and Shaena.

Shayne - Shayne \sha(y)-ne\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Shayne), is pronounced shayne. It is of Irish origin. Variant of Shane.

For more information, see also related names Shaina and Shan.

Baby names that sound like Shayne are Shayna and Shaine. Other similar baby names are Shaye, Shannel, Shanel, Chayney, Shyanne, Shayanne, Shayan, Dayne, Shene, Jayne, Layne, Payne, Rayne, Shawna, Sharae, Shannae, Shalynn, Shalane, Shade, Shadoe, Shalee, Shanie, Shani, Shanee, Shana, Shaena, Shalene, Shan-, Shante, Shanae, Shanna, Shannea, Shanea, Shaney, Shannen, Shadae, Sharee, Sharyn, Sharie, Sharene, Shawnte, Shawni, Shawnee, Shawnae, Shaunte, Shaunie, Shaunee, Shauna, Shaun, Shawnie, Shawney, Shaya, Shayana, Shayla, Shaylene, Shaynah, Shaylee, Shayda, Shay, Shae and Shone.

Sheyla - blind
Sybil - Prophetess
Tara - Irish/Gaelic name meaning rocky hill or from the crag of a tower.Variants include Tarah Tarra and Tarrah. TEAMHAIR
Teagan - Good-looking.
Zaira - Princess
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