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100 Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Here is our list of beautiful baby girl names that start with the letter j.



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Jacqueline - Supplanter
Jacqueline - Supplanter
Jada - Wise
Jada - Goodness
Jada - precious stone
Jaden - precious stone
Jadyn - precious stone
Jadyn - God has heard. Alternate Spelling: Jayden.
Jaelyn - Bird of light.
Jaelyn - Jaelyn \ja(el)-yn\ as a girl's name is a variant of Jae (American). See for meaning of Jaelyn.

The baby name Jaelyn sounds like Jalyn, Jaylynn, Jaeleen, Jaelana, Jaylan, Jalin, Jewelyn, Jolyn, Joelynn, Joellyn and Joelin. Other similar baby names are Caelyn, Daelyn, Jacelyn, Jaclyn, Jaklyn, Jaslyn, Jazlyn, Kaelyn and Raelyn.
Jaelynn - Jaelynn \ja(e)-ly-nn\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Jaelynn sounds like Jaylynn, Jaelyn and Joelynn. Other similar baby names are Jaclynn, Jaslynn, Jazlynn, Kaelynn, Maelynn and Raelynn.
Jaida - The gemstone jade; The color green; precious stone
Jaiden - Variant of Jayden God has heard; precious stone
Jaidyn - Variant of Jayden God has heard
Jaime - Supplanter
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