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100 Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Here is our list of beautiful baby girl names that start with the letter j.



Baby Names: 102

Joy - Joy
Julie - Youthful
Julie - Softhaired; Youthful; Downy-haired; Gentle
Juliet - Softhaired; Youthful; Downy-haired; Gentle; youthful; Jove's child
Juliet - Appeared in Romeo & Juliet; Measure for Measure
Juliet - Youthful
Julieta - Youthful
Julieta - youthful; Jove's child
Juliette - Youthful
Julissa - Julissa \j(u)-lissa, jul(is)-sa\ as a girl's name is pronounced joo-LISS-ah. It is of American origin. Contemporary blend of Julie and Alissa.

Julissa has 3 variant forms: Julisa, Julisha and Julyssa.

For more information, see also the related name Julia.

Baby names that sound like Julissa are Jalissa, Jelissa and Jolissa.

June - Name of a month
Juniper - Juniper \j(u)-ni-per\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Juniper), is related to Anise and Bay.

Similar baby names are Jenifer and Janifer.

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