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Ashlei - ash meadow
Beatriz - Happy; Bringer of joy; voyager (through life); blessed
Brinna - little drop of water; raven or black-haired; high, noble, exalted
Brisa - Brisa \b-ri-sa\ as a girl's name is pronounced BREE-sah. It is of Latin origin. Short form of the Spanish name Briseida, from Briseis, the Greek name of the woman loved by Achilles in Homer's "Iliad".

Brisa has 7 variant forms: Breezy, Briseida, Brisha, Brisia, Brissa, Briza and Bryssa.

Baby names that sound like Brisa are Parisa and Pris.
Brodie - ditch
Celene - heaven; the moon
Christia - follower of Christ
Cieara - black
Dhanna - wealthy
Dorcas - gazelle
Elga - holy, sacred
Elsie - God's oath
Euna - Euna \e(u)-na\ as a girl's name is of Scottish origin. Anglicized form of the Gaelic name
Fanny - From France; Free
Haze - Haze \ha-ze\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Haze sounds like Josey and Josee. Other similar baby names are Hazel and Hazle.
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