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What Does Duryea Mean?
"Duryea \d(u)-ryea, dur-yea\ as a boy's name. Possibly related to Latin "lasting". May possibly be of Gaelic origin.

Baby names that sound like Duryea are Dureau, Dre, Drue, Drew, Dore, Dwyer, Dyer and Dory. Other similar baby names are Nurya, Arye, Aryeh, Brye, Danya, Darbey, Darsey, Darcey, Darien, Derren, Daryn, Daren, Darrel, Deryll, Deryl, Derrel, Daryl, Dariel, Darel, Darren, Derek, Darryen, Daryll, Daryle, Daye, Derbey, Dirke, Deryke, Deryk, Deryck, Derrek, Darek, Doriel, Dorren, Dorryen, Dorien, Dorrel, Dorsey, Dorsee, Drury, Duarte, Duran, Durrell, Durell, Durwyn, Frye, Nuriya and Tuvya. "