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What Does Roseanne Mean?
"Roseanne \r(o)-seanne, rose(an)-ne\ as a girl's name is pronounced rohz-ANN. It is of English origin. Combination of Rose and Anne. First used in the 18th century. Rossana may be intended as a feminine form of Ross. See also Rosa and Roza. Actresses Roseanne Barr, Rosanna Arquette.

Roseanne has 16 variant forms: Ranna, Roanna, Roanne, Rosana, Rosanagh, Rosanna, Rosannah, Rosanne, Roseann, Roseanna, Rosehannah, Rossana, Rossanna, Rozanna, Rozanne and Rozeanna.

Baby names that sound like Roseanne are Rosanie and Rosene.