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Most Popular Names in the United States

Here is a list of the top baby names for boys and girls in the United States. This list is based off of the official Social Security Administration data. You can also take a look at the top baby names by state.

Most Popular Names For 2016

94  Bryson
Origin:   Scottish
Meaning:  Speckled
58  Genesis
Origin:   Hebrew
Meaning:  Origin; Birth
59  Kennedy
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  Helmeted; helmet head
95  Leonardo
Origin:   Spanish
Meaning:  Brave as a Lion
96  Greyson
Origin:   English
Meaning:  Gray haired; Son of the Gray family; Son of Gregory; son of the gray-haired man
60  Sadie
Origin:   Hebrew
Meaning:  Princess
Origin:   Hebrew
Meaning:  God is my strength; heroine of God
97  Sawyer
Origin:   Celtic
Meaning:  Cuts timber
62  Madelyn
Origin:   Hebrew
Meaning:  Woman from Magdala; One who is elevated; A high tower; woman from Magdala
98  Roman
Origin:   Italian
Meaning:  Pilgrim to Rome
63  Adeline
Origin:   French
Meaning:  Good humor
99  Brandon
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  Fiery hill; Sword-blade
64  Maya
Origin:   Spanish
Meaning:  Industrious; dream, illusion
100  Bentley
Origin:   English
Meaning:  From the moors; bent grass meadow
65  Autumn
Origin:   English
Meaning:  Born in the fall; season of harvest
101  Kayden
Origin:   Arabic
Meaning:  Friend or Companion; It is a variation of Kaden and Kadin;
66  Aurora
Origin:   African
Meaning:  Dawn
67  Piper
Origin:   English
Meaning:  Piper; one who plays the pipes
68  Hailey
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  hay meadow; ingenious, clever
69  Arianna
Origin:   Latin
Meaning:  Very holy one
102  Ryder
Origin:   English
Meaning:  knight; horseman, rider
103  Nathaniel
Origin:   Literary
Meaning:  Appeared in Love's Labour Lost
70  Kaylee
Origin:   English
Meaning:  Pure; Innocent
104  Vincent
Origin:   English
Meaning:  Conqueror
71  Ruby
Origin:   Hebrew
Meaning:  see, a son
72  Serenity
Origin:   Unknown
Meaning:  peaceful disposition
73  Eva
Origin:   Welsh
Meaning:  God is gracious; born of yew; youth
74  Naomi
Origin:   Japanese
Meaning:  Beautiful
75  Nevaeh
Origin:   Unknown
Meaning:  Ne-Vay-Uh Heaven spelled backwards.
105  Miles
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  Servant
106  Santiago
Origin:   Spanish
Meaning:  named for Saint James; Saint James
76  Alice
Origin:   French
Meaning:  Of nobility; Noble
107  Harrison
Origin:   English
Meaning:  Son of Harry; son of Harry
77  Luna
Origin:   Latin
Meaning:  Moon
78  Bella
Origin:   French
Meaning:  Beautiful
79  Quinn
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  Intelligent
108  Tristan
Origin:   French
Meaning:  Outcry
109  Declan
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  The name of an Irish saint
80  Lydia
Origin:   Greek
Meaning:  Woman from Persia; Beauty; from Lydia
110  Cole
Origin:   English
Meaning:  People's victory
111  Maxwell
Origin:   Anglo Saxon
Meaning:  From Maccus's pool
112  Luis
Origin:   Spanish
Meaning:  Famous warrior
113  Justin
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  Just; True; Upright
114  Everett
Origin:   English
Meaning:  Hardy; Brave; brave, strong boar
81  Peyton
Origin:   Irish
Meaning:  Noble one
82  Melanie
Origin:   French
Meaning:  Dark
115  Micah
Origin:   Hebrew
Meaning:  Like God; who resembles God
116  Axel
Origin:   Swedish
Meaning:  Divine source of life
117  Wesley
Origin:   English
Meaning:  From the west meadow; western meadow
83  Kylie
Origin:   Gaelic
Meaning:  Handsome; Near the chapel; Narrow; Narrow channel; Strait

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