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10 Mystical Baby Names With Fun Meanings

Posted on July 27, 2016   |   Comments 

Not everyone wants to choose from the top most popular baby names to name their child.  Some parents may want a unique name with a mystical fun meaning. 

Sirena is a Chamoru name that means "Chamoru Spanish mermaid". There were only 44 babies who were givn this name in the year 2015.

Aafje is a unique girl name that is pronouced aaf-je/. This Dutch name means "one of the magical beings". Not a single girl was given this name last year so it is a perfectly unusual name!

Ailwyn is an Enlgish boy name that means "elf or magical being, friend". This name doesn't sound too unusual but there were no boys given this name lasy year. 

Circe is a Greek girl name that means "witch- goddess, seductive". We are not too fond of the meaning "seductive" but "witch goddess" is acceptable. There were 6 baby girls given this name last year. 

Mohini is a pretty sweet name. This name is of the Indian origin and it means "most beautiful, bewitching". We show only 7 children given this name in only the year 2011.

Riana is a Whelsh girl name that was given to 38 babies last year. The meaning of this name is "great queen, witch-goddess".

Pheona, pronounced the same as Fiona from the Shrek movies, is a Greek girl name that means "mystical bird, purple".

Draco is an intersting English boy name that means "dragon". There were 36 babies given this name last year. 

Ella, one of our favorites, is an English girl name that means "beautiful fairy woman". This name is the most popular of all of our choices with 7852 baby girls given this name last year. 

Nissan is a unisex name similar to the Nissan car. This is a Scandinavian name that means "elf, fairy". There were surprisingly 0 babies given this name last year. 

Shaela is a beautiful Celtic girl name that means "From a fairy palace". This name is fot for a little princess and there were 12 princesses given this name last year. 

If you have not found the mystical that you are looking for, you can click here to use our Advanced name search and search by meaning to find the perfect name!

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