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10 Trendy Brazilian Names You May Have Never Heard Of

Posted on November 01, 2017   |   Comments 

You are expecting a baby and you need a name but you aren't sure where to find one, or where to even begin. Do you want something popular, one you might hear every day? Maybe you don't want to be the parent who turns when three other mom's call out to their son Noah, or Liam on the playground. Have you thought about looking for trendy names in other countries?

Here we have ten Brazilian boy and girl names that are popular in Brazil but some are so unique you may have never heard of them. 

The top girl name in Brazil is Gabriela, as common as you may think, it is ranked number 252 in the U.S.

For the adventurous parents, we have Fernanda which means "adventurous", "bold journey". Maybe you like the name but are having a boy, the boy variation is Fernandas which means "courageous traveler" or "bold voyager". Fernanda is 4th on the list in Brazil.

One name we don't hear every day but it is still beautiful is Beatriz. This name is in 6th place on the popularity list. Beatriz means "happy, binger of joy", "blessed". 

Feminine and unique, we have Larissa which is the 8th top girl name in Brazil. If you want a cheerful baby girl you may consider this name which means "cheerful, lighthearted".

Seems to me that most Brazilian names have to do with joy and happiness. Leticia is one I haven't heard of and it means "joy". Although being number ten in Brazil, you won't hear too many little girls with this name in the U.S. because it hasn't been ranked since 2008.

For our boys we have Matheus which is not common in the U.S. at all, it doesn't have a rank. Compared to Brazil, Matheus is ranked number 3. 

Another boy name you most likely have never heard of is Joao which means "God is gracious". In the U.S. Joao is also not ranked. 

Vinicius, one very unique name and not ranked in the U.S., is number 8 in Brazil.  

Guilherme is ranked number 9 in Brazil but doesn't even appear in America. This name means "will helmet, protection". 

A very unusual name in America but ranked number 19 in Brazil is Igor. The meaning of this name is "hero". 

Although these names are the top 20 names in Brazil, they are so unique in America that some are not even ranked or heard of. Your baby boy or girl will not only be special to you but their name will be as unique as they come.

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