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20 Armenian Baby Names For Boy Or Girl

Posted on October 11, 2016   |   Comments 

Most Armenian names consist of a given name and a sir name. Many first names end in -ian, -yan. Other first names that end in -lian or -(d)jian are rooted from a location or a profession. 

Many Armenians have used names from the Bible that are from the Greek, Latin and Hebrew origin such as Hakob, Abraham, Hovannes, Petros, Poghos, etc. 

Here are some more Armenian names ideas that may also be used in various other cultures.

Ankine means "valuable" in the Armenian origin. 

Araxie means "river that inspires poetic talent".

Gadara is of the Armenian origin and it means "from the top of a mountain".

Margarid is an "Armenian form of Margaret pearl".

Nairi is a nice name but has a very original meaning "from Armenia".

Ohana has one of the best meanings "God's gift, grace".

Siran means "beautiful".

Sirvat means "beautiful rose".

Voshkie is an interesting name that means "golden,girl].

Zagir means "flower".

Antranig means "first born".

Artaxiad means "name of a king".

Athangelos means "name of a historian".

Avedis is a nice name that means "brings good news".

Bedrosian means "descend from Peter rock".

Garabed means "forerunner".

Hovan means "God's gift".

Kevork means "farmer".

Sion means "a form of John".

Zeroun means "wise".


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