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Best Baby Names For 2018

Not sure what to name your newborn? Take a look at the pick for the best baby names for 2018.
Posted on December 04, 2017   |   Comments 

2017 is winding down and the New Year is almost upon us. As with all fresh beginnings, baby names too are going to see a change in preferences. Whether you’re still planning a family or are at the cusp of delivery, you’re sure to want the best pick of baby names for your little bundle of joy. So, without further ado, take a look at the baby names touted to be favorites in 2018:


New Age Names

Each year sees new names added to the list of unique baby names. The year 2017 brought with it some great names. While some were exceptionally clever, others were downright unusual. Names such as Acelynn, Devani, Hosanna, Jemimah, Indira, Orla, and Queenie were favorites for girls. Albus, Braddock, Coda, Grover, Kipling, Nero and Thames made the list for boys.


This 2018, you’ll find these names at the very top of every soon-to-be parent's list of potential baby names:





Back To The Basics

While some new age parents are all set to experiment with unique and quirky names, there are others who are sticking to traditional, tried-and-tested ones. If you too want to stick to conservative options, you could consider the following names:






Tips To Pick A Baby Name This 2018

With parents coming up with new and funky names, 2018 is all set to take baby naming to the next level. Use these tips to come up with clever naming options for your tiny tot:


Play with the spelling

Many parents are choosing to turn run-of-the-mill names unique by giving them a clever twist. For example, Karly becomes Karleigh and Gavin becomes Gavyn. Play with the alphabets and see what name looks and sounds cool.


Mash-up the names

Remember Renesmee Cullen from the Twilight series? Now you can give your baby a fun name just like Bella did. How about Annalisa which is a mash-up of Anna and Lisa or Kendrew, which is a mix of Kenneth and Andrew? Play around with your favorite names and come up with a few quirky options. A name combiner tool is a great help in these cases.

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