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Japanese Girl Names You May Not Know About

Posted on July 25, 2016   |   Comments 

There are over 48 thousand searches per month for Japanese girl names so we decided to search high and low for the best ones we can find, just for you! Some of the names that we have found have decreased in popularity such as Akyra, this name means "bright, clear, ideal". In 2012 there were 36 baby girls who were given this name, last year there were only ten.

Hana is a lot more popular, with 355 baby girls who were given this name last year.  In Japanese Hana means "flower, blossom".

Find out more Japanese girl names that may be just the names you have been searching for.


Kamlyn is a nice girl's name, this name means "lord". There were only 6 babies with this name last year.

Amayah is such a beautiful name for a sweet baby girl, this name means "night rain". Last year there were 250 babies given this name.

Jazmin,girl] is another form of [Jasmine. This name means "flower" and a whopping 728 girls were given this name last year.

Kami is nice short name that means "lord" as well. In the year 2015, there were 60 little girls who went home with this name.

Akina is a feminine girl's name that means "Spring flower". In 2012 there were 27 baby girls given this name and it has decreased to 12 last year.

Keianna,girl] is another form of [Kiana, with the same pronunciation, and it means "rapture". This is an unusual meaning for a name and there were only 8 babies given this name last year. Not many people go around asking for the meaning of your name so if you like it, it is a great name!

Kohana has such a sweet meaning, "little flower". There were only 6 little girls given this name last year although it is such an adorable name.If you are  looking for a unique name, this one is perfect.

Maiyah,girl] is a longer form of [Mia, it means "rice valley". If you are looking for a name with a nice meaning, this may not be to your liking but the name is awesome.

Mina we thought was an unusual name but turns out that there were 368 babies given this name last year. This name means "south" in the Japanese origin but in the Indian origin it means "precious stone" and in the Persian origin it has the perfect meaning "gift from God". If you don't like one meaning, check out another.

Michee has one of our favorite meanings "child of beautiful knowledge". If only a child will live out the meaning of her name, this one will be a good choice.

Mika is a short but feminine name. This name means "new moon" in Japanese and there were 197 baby girls given this name last year. 

Nikki,girl], usually given as a nickname for the name [Nichole, means "two trees" in Japanese. In 2015 there were 133 girls born and given this name.

There are so many more adorable Japanese girl names so if you have not found the one you are looking for, click here to find one that is right for you.


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