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Unique Baby Girl Names for Upcoming Winter

Posted on October 07, 2017   |   Comments 

Naming your newborn baby girl may seem easy, but the task becomes much harder when you are looking unique AND beautiful names. Here is an idea that may help... choose an uncommon, yet meaningful name based on the season or the month in which she is born. So, here’s the list of some uncommon names we have gathered to make it easier for you to name your child.

· Eira:

Eira is an uncommon name, only 36 babies were named Eira in 2016. It is a Welsh name which means snow. Opt for this name if you want a unique name that goes with the winter season.

· Gwen:

Gwen is the shorter form of Gwendolen or Gwenyth. These are also Welsh names which can be translated to ‘white circle’ and ‘white’ respectively. Gwen goes well as both first names as well as a nickname.

· Neve:

So, if you don’t want to stick to English names, then you can look for some meaningful names in other languages such as Latin. The name Neve, Neiva or Neva are the variations of the same word and have the meaning of ‘snow’.

· Noelle:

If you’re expecting twins, then you can go with the names Noelle and Noel for a girl and a boy respectively. The name actually means Christmas, so you can give the name to your December-born. It’s currently the 251st popular name in the US.

· Lumi:

Lumi is found in both Finnish as well as Latin languages. It can be translated to snow or the light of life. It is a meaningful name and is quite uncommon in the US.

· Demeter:

Demeter is the name taken from Greek mythology. The goddess of earth and crops was called Demeter and she was believed to be responsible to bring winter season. If the name sounds a little too long, you can give your child the nickname Demi.

· Iclyn:

Ice is a good name for babies born in the winter season. However, you can opt for Iclyn if you’re looking for a more meaningful name. The name will make your child sensitive, idealistic, compassionate and inspirational.

· Chione:

Chione is another baby girl name that is extracted from Greek mythology. Chione was believed to be the goddess of winter and snow. The name is quite common in Egypt, but it is still a unique one in the United States.

· Yuki:

The name Yuki is of Japanese origin. There are multiple meanings of the name such as snow, happiness and valuable. Want to choose a more winter-oriented name, opt for Miyuki. It can be translated as deep snow in English.

· Holly:

Holly is a shrub with dark green leaves. Small white flowers and red berries grow on the shrub during the winter season. So choose this name for your child if you intend to go with the winter theme.

· January:

Name your baby girl January if your due date is in the winter season. It is an uncommon name for babies but suits the season your child is born in.


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