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J Baby Names For June

Baby names that start with "j".

Baby names that start with "j" for the month of June.



Baby Names: 44

Jacelyn - Beautiful
Jack - God is gracious
Jacob - Supplanter; he who supplants
Jade - Jewel
Jadeyn - precious stone
Jaeda - Goodness
Jaeleah - Bluejay
Jagger - A teamster
Jaimison - son of James
Jake - Supplanter
Jaleesa - God's promise
Jalen - Bird of light
Jaliyah - A gift from God.
Jamaine - Jamaine \j(a)-mai-ne\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Jamaine), is a variant of Ja- (American). See for meaning of Jamaine.

The baby name Jamaine sounds like Jamina, Jumana, Jumanna and Yamina. Other similar baby names are Jarmaine, Jalaine, Jazmaine and Jasmaine.
Jamar - Jamar \j(a)-mar\ as a boy's name. Modern name; variant of Jamal.

Jamar has 5 variant forms: Jamarr, Jemar, Jemarr, Jimar and Jimarr.

For more information, see also the related name Ja-.

Baby names that sound like Jamar are Jamari and Jomar.

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