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Aase - tree-covered mountain AEGILEIF
Aerric - forever or alone, ruler
Ailsa - island of Alfsigr
Alvis - Alvis \a-lvis, al-vis\ as a boy's name is pronounced AL-viss. It is of Old Norse origin. From Norse mythology involving the dwarf Alviss who fell in love with the daughter of Thor, the god of thunder. Also possibly related to Elvis. First appeared in the mid 20th century, but never widespread.

Alvis has 4 variant forms: Alvise, Alviss, Alwis and Alwyss.

Baby names that sound like Alvis are Alvys, Elvys and Elviss.

Alvise - Alvise \a-lvi-se, al-vise\ as a boy's name is a variant of Alvis (Old Norse). See for meaning of Alvise.

The baby name Alvise sounds like Alviss, Elvis, Elviss and Alvys. Other similar baby names are Alvie, Alvin, Albis, Aldis, Alfie, Algis, Alois, Alwis and Arvis.
Alviss - Alviss \a-lvi-ss, al-viss\ as a boy's name is a variant of Alvis (Old Norse). See for meaning of Alviss.

The baby name Alviss sounds like Alvise and Elviss. Other similar baby names are Alvin, Albis, Aldis, Algis, Alois, Aloess, Alvie, Alwyss, Alwis, Arvis, Elvis, Alvys and Kelviss.
Alwis - Alwis \a-lwis, al-wis\ as a boy's name is a variant of Alvis (Old Norse). See for meaning of Alwis.

The baby name Alwis sounds like Alois, Aloys, Ahlois, Alwyss, Ellis, Elis and Elois. Other similar baby names are Albis, Aldis, Algis and Alwin.
Arica - forever or alone, ruler
Arika - forever or alone, ruler
Arnie - mountain of strength; eagle; eagle ruler
Arreck - forever or alone, ruler
Arric - forever or alone, ruler
Assa - fair, beautiful goddess
Assi - fair, beautiful goddess
Astrid - Super strength; Divine strength; fair, beautiful goddess
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