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200 Baby Girl Names That End With "Ana"

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Abriana - Variant of Italian.
Adana - Created by God
Ahana - From the little stronghold
Aidana - fire
Aileana - From the green meadow
Aitana - Glory
Ajana - Eternal bllom
Alana - Beautiful; Dear child
Aldana - old, prosperous
Allana - Dear child
Ana - Grace; Favour
Andriana - manly, virile
Andrijana - Andrijana \a-ndrija-na, an-dri-jana\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Andrijana sounds like Andriana, Andrina, Andrianna and Andreana. Other similar baby names are Andrine, Andrienne, Andrianne, Andrewina, Andrewena, Andrena, Andreina, Andreena, Andreanna and Andrean.
Aradhana - Worship
Ariana - Very holy one
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