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Total Solar Eclipse Related Baby Names

In honor of this once in a life time event... Here is a list of baby names that represent the total solar eclipse



Baby Names: 139

Badru - born during the full moon
Balachandra - Young moon
Caleen - the moon
Celenia - heaven; the moon
Cesia - blind; sixth; the moon
Chader - moon shining
Chand - moon, light
Chandara - of the moon. CHANDI
Chandra - Moon
Chandrika - moon shining
Chaundra - moon shining
Cindy - Moon; Greek God
Cyndi - Moon; Greek God
Cyrena - Cyrene was a water nymph who wrestled with a lion which endeared her to the sun god Apollo. He built a city for her named Cyrenacia. Variant of Cyrene.
Diana - Goddess of the Moon
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