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40+ Baby Girl Names That End With ER

Here is a list of 40+ beautiful girl names that end in the letters "er"



Baby Names: 41

Amber - Brownish-yellow; Precious jewel
Brier - Heather; heather
Chandler - candle maker
Clover - Clover
December - December \d(e)-ce-mber\ as a girl's name.

The baby name December sounds like Decembra.
Easter - Goddess of the dawn
Ember - Brownish-yellow; Precious jewel
Ester - Star
Ginger - Liveliness; The pungent ginger root
Grier - Grier \g-rier\ as a girl's name is a variant of Greer (Scottish). See for meaning of Grier.

The baby name Grier sounds like Carie, Corie, Korie, Cree, Geri, Karie, Kiera and Kyrie. Other similar baby names are Brier and Briar.
Harper - Harpist; Minstrel
Heather - A flowering evergreen plant
Hester - Star
Hunter - Hunter \hu(n)-ter\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Hunter), is pronounced HUN-ter. It is of Old English origin. Occupational surname used as a given name. Made familiar by actress Hunter Tylo.

Similar baby names are Hester and Winter.

Jennifer - White wave; White spirit; White cheeked; fair one
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