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The World's 78 Most Powerful Girl Names

Check out 78 powerful girl names from all across the world.

Check out 78 powerful girl names from all across the world.



Baby Names: 78

Oprah - Fawn; young deer, fawn; place of dust
Patricia - Noble one
Phebe - Appeared in As You Like It
Pollyanna - Pollyanna \p(o)-ll-yanna, pollya(n)-na\ as a girl's name. Eleanor Porter's novel "Pollyanna" made the name proverbial for one who sees the bright side of every situation. See also Polly.

Baby names that sound like Pollyanna are Belanna, Polina and Polline. Other similar baby names are Hollyann and Jillyanna.

Priscilla - From ancient times; ancient, venerable
Priyanka - Beloved
Raja - Hope; hope
Rosalind - Little red-haired one
Roshni - Light
Ruth - Friend; friend, companion
Sheryl - Sheryl \sh(er)-yl\ as a girl's name is pronounced SHARE-el. It is of English origin. Variant of Cheryl, from Charlotte (Old German) "free man". The Sheryl spelling ensures the soft sh- pronunciation. Some of the names listed here also could be considered as variant forms of Shirley. See also Sha-. Actress Sherilyn Fenn; singer Sheryl Crow; basketball player Sheryl Swoopes.

Sheryl has 24 variant forms: Cheralin, Cheralyn, Cheralynne, Cherilynn, Cherilynn, Sharell, Sharelle, Sharrell, Sheralyn, Sheralin, Sherell, Sherelle, Sherileen, Sherill, Sherilyn, Sherilynne, Sherlene, Sherrell, Sherrelle, Sherril, Sherrill, Sherryl, Sherylayne and Sheryll.

For more information, see also the related name Shera.

Baby names that sound like Sheryl are Sharyl, Sheryle and Sheril.

Shobhana - Shobhana \sh(o)-bha-na, shob-hana\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Shobhana sounds like Siobhan, Siobhian and Sioban. Other similar baby names are Shoshana, Shoshanna, Shoshanah and Shushana.
Solina - sunlight; eastern wind
Stacey - Variant of Anastasia. Means She will rise again.; resurrection; good grapes; to stand
Susan - Lily Diminutive of Susannah also used as an independent name. In the apocryphal Book of Tobit Susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation. White lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia.; lily
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