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100+ Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Take a look at these adorably delightful baby girl names starting with the letter D.



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Destinee - Destiny; one's certain fortune; fate
Destinee - Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate
Destinie - Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate
Deven - Deven \d(e)-ven\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Deven), is a variant of Devon (Old English). See for meaning of Deven.

The baby name Deven sounds like Devin, Devyn and Devan. Other similar baby names are Deren, Deena, Aven, Bevin, Dene, Devina, Daveen, Delyn, Delena, Deann, Delene, Deneen, Deney, Deryn, Deron, Deva, Devi, Devany, Devony, Devenny, Devvin, Devynn, Devvon, Devona, Devenne, Devana, Devri, Devra, Devery, Deon, Dove, Heaven, Kevyn and Raven.
Devin - Divine
Devin - Defender; Guard
Devina - beloved; divine, heavenly
Devyn - Divine
Devynn - Divine
Dezirae - The one desired
Diamond - Of high value; Brilliant; The precious diamond stone; of high value; brilliant
Diana - Goddess of the Moon
Diana - Light, deity
Diane - Divine; divine
Dianna - divine
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