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Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Here is our list of beautifully unique baby girl names from all origins that start with the letter J.



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Joyanna - Rejoicing
Joyanne - joy
Jubilee - ram's horn
Julee - Youthful
Juli - youthful; Jove's child
Juliet - Youthful
Julieta - Youthful
Julietta - Youthful
Jumana - silver pearl
Junae - Junae \j(u)-nae\ as a girl's name is a variant of June. See for origin and meaning of Junae.

The baby name Junae sounds like Janae, Jinae, Jenae and Jonae. Other similar baby names are Buna, Danae, Dinae, Denae, Duna, Janie, Euna, Genae, Jena, Julie, Jarae, Jae, Janne, Janah, Jana, Jennae, Jenee, Jenay, Jenai, Jeanae, Jannae, Janaye, Janay, Janai, Janaeh, Janaea, Jane, Juana, Jonie, Jenie, Janee, Jerae, Jina, Jonee, Jone, Jonnae, Jonay, Judie, Judee, Julee, Juno, Junel, Junot, Junia, Juneau, Lanae, Lynae, Lenae, Luna, Muna, Ranae, Renae, Ronae and Jona.
Justeen - Just; True; Upright
Jwan - Jwan \j-wan\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Jwan sounds like Jan, Joan and Jean. Other similar baby names are Dwan, Duwan, Dowan, Dwana, Jen, Gwen, Gwin, Jann, Jana, Jane, Juana, Joana, Jany, Jazan, Jeane, Jeana, Jenn, Jiana, Joane, Joann, Jolan and Rowan.
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