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Popular Girl And Boy Names That Start With M

Here are 100 marvelous girl and 100 magnificent boy names that start with the letter M!

Take a look at this extensive list of 100 boy and 100 girl names, including alternate spellings and different origins. I am sure you will love each and every one!



Baby Names: 202

Mack - Son of Flann
Mackenzie - Son of the wise leader
Macy - From Matthew's land; Club; weapon
Macy - From Matthew's land; Club
Maddison - Son of a mighty warrior
Maddison - Son of a mighty warrior
Maddox - Champion; Good fortune
Maddox - Beneficent
Madison - Gift of God; Strong fighter
Madison - Son of a mighty warrior
Major - Greater; greater
Malachi - Messenger of God; messenger of God
Malik - Master; sovereign
Mallory - War counselor
Manuel - God is with us
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