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Kade - From the wetlands; from the wetlands
Kaden - Friend; Companion; companion
Kai - Rejoicer; keeper of the keys; earth
Kaia - Earth
Kaiden - Warrior
Kailani - sea and sky
Kaison - Son of fighter or rebel.
Kaitlyn - Pure
Kalani - Unisexual name meaning The sky; heaven; chieftain.; the heavens, sky; royal one
Kaleb - Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name referring to the biblical Cain.
Kali - Energy; Dark Goddess
Kaliyah - Slayer Of thousand headed dragon.
Kamari - Kamari \k(a)-ma-ri\ as a girl's name is a variant of Ka- (American). See for meaning of Kamari.

The baby name Kamari sounds like Kamara and Cameri. Other similar baby names are Jamari, Kamerin, Kaara, Kari, Karri, Damara, Kama, Kambria, Kamrin, Kami, Kammi, Kanara, Kapri, Klari, Samara, Samaria, Samarie, Tamara, Tamary and Tamar.
Kamden - From the winding valley
Kameron - Bent nose
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