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Carlie - Carl's island
Carrie - Flows like water
Cason - Cason \c(a)-son\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Cason), is a variant of Carson (Scottish, Gaelic). See for meaning of Cason.

The baby name Cason sounds like Kason and Casen. Other similar baby names are Caron and Mason.
Connie - Faithful; Firmness
Courtney - domain of Curtis
Dale - Valley; valley
Dallas - From the dales; The valley meadows; Name of a Texas city; from the dales, the valley meadows
Dane - from Denmark
Darian - King
Darrell - Dearly loved
Deven - Place name
Devyn - From Devon
Devyn - Place name
Duane - Dark; From the dunes
Eli - smart woman
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