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Alzbeta - Czechoslovakian form of Elizabeth consecrated to God
Anouska - Anouska \a-nous-ka, ano(u)-ska\ as a girl's name. French spelling of Russian Anuska, a pet form of Anna.

Anouska has 4 variant forms: Annouska, Annushka, Anusha and Anyoushka.

For more information, see also the related name Ann.

A baby name that sounds like Anouska is Annuska.

Bohdana - From God
Bozena - meaning unknown
Bronya - Armour; armour, strength, protection
Capeka - little stork
Cyzarine - Royalty
Czarina - Czarina \c-zari-na, cz(a)-rina\ as a girl's name is pronounced zar-EEN-ah. It is of Russian origin. Feminine for of Czar; the Russian equivalent of a female caesar or an empress.

Baby names that sound like Czarina are Cerrina, Cherina, Cyrina, Sarina, Sharina, Charin and Zarina. Other similar baby names are Carina, Caparina, Caprina, Karina, Carine, Carrina, Carinna, Carin, Cariana, Carena, Carna, Catarina, Catrina, Cesarina, Clarine, Corrina and Corina.
Dusa - happy
Duschenka - happy
Duschinka - happy
Elena - Shining light
Galina - Light
Ielena - Shining light
Jalaine - Jalaine \j(a)-lai-ne\ as a girl's name is a variant of Ja- (American) and Jelena (Russian). See for meaning of Jalaine.

The baby name Jalaine sounds like Jalaina, Jaline, Jolaine and Julaine. Other similar baby names are Jamaine and Kalaine.

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