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Italian Girl Names

Here is a list of Italian names for girls.

Here is a list of Italian girls names that are popular in Italy as well as in Italian communities around the world.



Baby Names: 40

Amadora - gift of love
Bambina - Bambina \b(a)-mbi-na\ as a girl's name is a variant of Bambi (Italian). See for meaning of Bambina.

Similar baby names are Bambie, Bambalina, Baibin, Battina, Jamina, Pamina, Bobina and Yamina.
Bellanca - Stronghold
Benedetta - Blessed
Beonca - white, pure
Bertrona - Bertrona \b(e)-rtro-na, ber(t)-rona\ as a girl's name is of Italian origin. Nickname of Berta.

Baby names that sound like Bertrona are Bertrade and Bertrice. Other similar baby names are Bertina, Bertine and Berrtina.
Carlota - Strong; Strong-woman
Chiprianna - from Cyprus
Ciprianna - from Cyprus
Donnella - lady
Donny - lady
Fabrizia - works with the hands
Filomena - Song lover; Friend; Lover of the moon
Fiorenza - Flower
Gaetana - From Gaete
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