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100 Irish Baby Boy Names

Here is a list 100 Irish Baby Boy Names



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Adamnan - Little Adam
Aghamore - From the great field
Annaduff - From the black marsh
Bardon - minstrel, singer-poet; barley valley
Barrington - Fair-haired; Blonde
Beegan - small one
Berke - From the birch meadow
Berkley - From the birch meadow
Braedy - descendant of Brch
Branduff - Black raven
Braydon - From the broad meadow; descendant of Brad
Breandan - Prince; prince
Breed - Breed \b-reed\ as a boy's name. Uncertain origin. Possibly an occupational name to do with animal breeding. Also possibly refers to Saint Brigid, also known as Bride, the Irish abbess.

Breed has 1 variant form: Breedlove.

Baby names that sound like Breed are Brad, Bradd, Braedy, Brett, Bret and Brod.
Brennin - teardrop
Brogan - sturdy shoe
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