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170 Popular Cuban Baby Names

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Godalupe - Reference to the Virgin Mary
Heliodoro - gift from the sun
Hermilo - messenger
Hermosa - Beautiful; beautiful
Hilario - Happy
Homero - security, pledge; hostage
Huberto - bright or shining intellect
Idurre - Reference to the Virgin Mary
Ireneo - Ireneo \i-re-neo\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Ireneo sounds like Irenio, Aren, Arne, Arney, Arno, Erno and Oren. Other similar baby names are Ireneus, Bren, Brenn, Bruno, Crane, Franio, Freyne, Freen, Irenaeus, Irvine, Irven, Ivano, Iven, Loreno, Rene, Reno, Sereno and Cereno.
Isabel - God's oath
Isidoro - Gifted with many ideas
Itxaro - Hope
Jacynthe - Jacynthe \j(a)-cyn-the, jacy-nthe\ as a girl's name is a variant of Jacinda (Spanish). See for meaning of Jacynthe.

The baby name Jacynthe sounds like Jacynth, Jacinthe and Jacyntha. Other similar baby names are Jacintha, Jacynthia and Jacinth.
Jadzia - Jadzia \j(a)-dzia, jad-zia\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Jadzia sounds like Eudocia, Eudosia and Izzie. Other similar baby names are Madzia and Nadzia.
Jaidyn - Variant of Jayden God has heard
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