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Here is our list of 120+ adorable baby boy names that start with the letter R.



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Rocker - Rock fortress
Rocklin - Rocklin \r(o)-ck-lin\ as a boy's name. Possibly an Old English place name.

For more information, see also the related name Rocky.

A baby name that sounds like Rocklin is Rockland. Other similar baby names are Macklin, Rockley, Rockly, Rocklee, Rollin and Roslin.

Rockne - Rock fortress
Rod - Famous ruler
Roddy - Famous ruler
Roderic - Famous ruler
Roderick - Famous ruler
Rodman - Famous ruler
Rodney - Famous ruler
Rodrigo - Famous ruler
Roger - Famous spearman
Roland - Famous soldier
Roldan - Powerful; Mighty
Rolf - Wolf
Rolfe - Red wolf
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